SwissKids is for Swiss kids

The SwissKids group met last December for the traditional Santa get-together where more than 20 kids participated.

Thanks to the many volunteers we were able to surprise the kids with the traditional ‘Chlouser-Bread’ baking. The kids learned how to create a bread shaped like a person with a head, arms and legs.

Once the bread went into the oven the school kids were creative, fi nding ideas for our new logo. Thank you Roland for putting the ideas of our kids into this very cute logo!

The younger kids did craft activities and created snowfl akes to decorate their windows.

The Swiss choir then joined us and we sang a few traditional Christmas songs. I hope we will be able to keep this tradition and sing together again next year!

We then had a special guest arriving with loud bells, a sack full of presents and big boots which made us think he came directly from the snow in Switzerland! The kids loved our Santa! Thank you for coming all this way and surprising us!

All these special events brought Christmas closer and everyone enjoyed the Christmas spirit a lot. The parents were able to chat and laugh with each other.

Our next meeting is on the 3rd of March. Please come along if you have kids of any ages. We will be doing experiments, singing, craft, school, sharing fruit. Thank you and see you there.

Esther Blaser-Tokarev

  • When do we meet: First Saturday every month
  • Covernor: Esther Blaser-Tokarev,,
    0424 220 523
  • Bring along: $5 per family, fruit to share