SwissCommunity is a free, high-quality platform serving the Swiss who are, have been or will be residents abroad, as well as those who are interested in Switzerland worldwide.

Aims is a networking site enabling Swiss people living all over the world to establish links with each other. The site also allows them to participate actively in debates on politics and society in our country.

Dialogue with the ‘Fifth Switzerland’

SwissCommunity’s forum discussions facilitate a dialogue between both Swiss people living abroad and those living in Switzerland, and makes it possible for members of our diaspora to make their voices heard in Switzerland. The diverse discussion topics cover everything from politics to Swiss traditions to questions concerning expatriation.


The platform’s 11,000 members can contact each other interactively on the Internet, which develops solidarity between expats, regardless of where they live in the world. It is also a way of keeping in contact with Swiss people living in Australia.

Promotion of Swiss associations

The section ‘Local Communities’ enables Swiss associations to present themselves and find new audiences.

Stay informed about events in Switzerland

The ‘News’ section of provides easily accessible information on events taking place in Switzerland. There you will find current news from and will be able to read the ‘Swiss Review’ online.

Strengthen ties with Switzerland

The section ‘Explore Switzerland’ gives access to information on various topics such as the politics, economy, tourism and culture of Switzerland and its 26 cantons.

What’s more…

On, you will find lots of other information such as: organisations abroad. ‘SwissCommunity Online Magazine’ intended solely for members of the platform.