Roland Isler and Beryl Black presenting the number one Edelweiss to Swiss Club President Barbara Kündig

Thanks to Michelle Grasset – granddaughter of Marc Louis William Grasset, first President of the Swiss Club of Victoria – the Swiss Club is now in possession of a copy of the No. 1 – First Volume Edelweiss  newsletter, dated 1 January 1900.

Michelle lives in Switzerland and happens to be a good friend of fellow Swiss Club member Beryl Black. Thanks to Beryls ‘gentle persuasion’, Michelle agreed to part with this little treasure that she kept in remembrance of her grandfather. So, on a recent holiday to Switzerland, Beryl was able to bring the only known copy of the No. 1 newsletter back home to Australia.

The newsletter consists of only four pages. Page one is of particular interest because it recalls the foundation of the club – in German and in great detail. The first couple of paragraphs reveal the following:

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