Swiss Club of Victoria Laneway Arts Project

We’re currently working on an arts initiative to add colour to our Building at 89 Flinders Lane in Melbourne.
Facing Duckboard Lane off Flinders Lane, we’ve got currently 10 window recesses that have been filled with bricks and mortar. These spaces provide a great opportunity to promote contemporary, modern Swiss Art and Artists and to add to Melbourne’s world renowned vibrant laneway culture. We’re planning to source artwork by Contemporary Swiss Artists (they can live either in Australia or Overseas) who are willing to participate. We will reproduce their artwork, mount on alucabond panels and install it within the window frames as a 6-12 month exhibit, with the view to change it over after that period. Parallel to that, we’ll display the artwork in our staircase with a short bio about each artist.

The below artworks are sample images only. Please let us know if you know of any contemporary Swiss Artist who we could reach out to.
To promote Swiss art, we’d like to set the benchmark high and only display artwork that reflects modern, contemporary Swiss Art.
That can be across various genres, i.e. photography, painting, graphic design etc.

If you have an artist in mind or are an artist yourself (there’s no minimum age!), please email  or