SwissArt Duckboard Lane Exhibition Vernissage May 15, 4pm

Join us at the official opening vernissage of the SwissArt Duckboard Lane Facade Exhibition at the Swiss Club of Victoria on Saturday May 15 from 4pm.
RSVP essential.

Light refreshments and drinks are available for members, artists and special guests.

The ‘SwissArt’ Duckboard Lane exhibition is an initiative by the Swiss Club of Victoria to add art to the world-renowned vibrant Melbourne Laneway culture. The idea was to use the Duckboard Lane facade as a canvas and to utilise 11 bricked up window recesses to showcase contemporary Swiss art by artists that are Swiss, are of Swiss heritage or have a connection to Switzerland.
With the help of the Swiss Consulate in Sydney, the Swiss Club was able to connect with artists across Australia. The final 11 curated pieces represent different art disciplines across photography, fine art painting, sculpting, ceramics, art installation, tattooing and printmaking.
The Duckboard Lane Exhibition will be open to the public for the next 12 month. Thereafter, the Swiss Club will commission another 11 artists to showcase their work.

To make the Duckboard Laneway Exhibition possible we like to thank the following contributors:
Deputy Consul-General Didier Boschung for his kind support and help. 
Our exhibitioning artist: Andre Braun, Joe Felber, Brigit Heller, Piere-Andre Ceschin, Dorothée Heibel, Helen Mueller, Nicole Lötscher, Natalie Schell, Jessika Steiner, Edmond Thommen and Christian Roth
The organisers: Barbara Kündig whose brainchild it was, Patrick Rychner who made it all happen and the Swiss Club of Victoria for the financial support and providing the ‘canvas’ at 89 Flinders Lane/ Duckboard Lane, Melbourne.

Please come and join us and meet our members and some of our Swiss Artists.