Newsletter Deadlines 2016

The ‘Edelweiss’ newsletter appears quarterly in March, June, September and December in a circulation approx. 500 copies. For all enquiries contact the editor Roland Isler via email June Issue: Covering June/July/August 2016 Editorial Deadline: Monday, 9th May 2016 Mailing: Wednesday, 25th May 2016 September Issue: Covering Sept/Oct/Nov 2016 Editorial Deadline: Monday, 8th August 2016 Mailing: Wednesday, 24th August … Continue reading Newsletter Deadlines 2016

The homecoming of Edelweiss No. 1

Thanks to Michelle Grasset – granddaughter of Marc Louis William Grasset, first President of the Swiss Club of Victoria – the Swiss Club is now in possession of a copy of the No. 1 - First Volume Edelweiss  newsletter, dated 1 January 1900. Michelle lives in Switzerland and happens to be a good friend of fellow Swiss Club member Beryl Black. Thanks to … Continue reading The homecoming of Edelweiss No. 1