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This section of our homepage is for all things Swiss in Australia which are not necessarily associated with the Swiss Club of Victoria.
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Invitation to the Seniors of the Swiss Community

Once again, the Swiss Club of Victoria is able to host a Christmas Afternoon for the Seniors of the Swiss Community. This event is possible thanks to the financial support of the Swiss Society of Victoria and the collaboration and help of the Trachtengruppe Schwyzergruess. The entertainment will be provided by the club’s sub-groups; the  Swiss […]

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Swiss National Costumes on display on 1 August 15

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we are able to display a selection of exquisite Swiss National Costumes including hats and accessories as well as some fine examples of “Chuttelis” for men with beautiful embroideries.   Switzerland with its rich history has a distinctive visual style, especially so in its traditional costumes that charm […]

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A brief history of cheese fondue

Originally posted on despite the snow:
When the first flurries of winter creep over the land, thoughts turn to comforting foods like fondue. When people think of fondue they think of pots of melted steaming cheese, and bread. Inspired by the alps, and visions of “The Sound of Music“, fondue parties became popular in the 1970s, and…

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