During COVID19 restrictions, ‘Social’ Jass is suspended until further notice. We anticipate to continue social Jass in July.

For further information call 1300 893 968.

Jass, also called „der Jass“ in Swiss German, is the most popular card game in Switzerland and is even considered to be a national game. Although known to be a game played by old men in pubs, „in de letzschte Johr“ (en: in recent years), young people have rediscovered the game. There are even two television shows featuring jass; the shows, which are broadcast on Thursdays and Saturdays on Swiss television have been popular for years.

‘Social’ Jass is for all who enjoy the game but want to play for a bit of fun only.

Inexperienced players most welcome.

Although this is suitable for beginners, basic knowledge of rules and card values is recommended.

Practice on schieber.ch or jass.ch. Both are online and have als apps to download.