The Edelweiss Newsletter is the official publication of the Swiss Club of Victoria.

Four times a year, the Edelweiss is published and posted directly to our members wherever they are, around the world.

Please contact us if you are interested in submitting an article for publication; or would like to support the Club by advertising.

Edelweiss’ History:

The first edition of Edelweiss was published on 1 January 1900, by Marc Louis William Grasset, the first President of the Swiss Club of Victoria.

The Swiss Club is fortunate enough to be in possession of an original print of the 1st Edelweiss, that was kindly offered to us by Mrs Michelle Grasset, granddaughter of Marc Louis William Grasset.

Over the decades Edelweiss has evolved into an informative and well received publication that not only informs the members about club activities but also about Swiss activities of all kinds of subjects and themes from all over the world. This has always only been possible thanks to the volunteer work of our editors and the members who spend countless hours putting the newsletter together four times a year.