The Swiss Folk Dance Group Alpenrose was founded in 1949 by members of the Swiss Club Of Victoria.

The Group is keeping alive the wonderful and 
beautiful traditions of Switzerland so far away from its origin.

The group performs the traditional dances from many different regions of Switzerland, while wearing the various unique National Costumes (Trachten ) from those cantons.

Two of our members also play the historic Alphorn, the traditional
instrument of the mountainous regions of Europe and mainly played in Switzerland.

The group are frequently invited to perform across Australia and New Zealand, as proud ambassadors for our Swiss culture and Victoria.

On top of their dance practice and performances,the group is also responsible for organising the competition card nights known as Jass at the Swiss Club.

Interested to learn more?

The Swiss Folk Dance Group Alpenrose are always welcoming to new members and would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in joining.

Practice is held on Tuesday nights on the second floor of the club.

Contact the group leader, Sylvia Hochuli OAM at to find out more!