We are a meeting point for parents with young children, from toddlers through to end of primary school age.

Our goal is to experience and maintain Swiss traditions, culture, and language in a fun environment.

We organise various events such as:
  • Easter egg hunt,
  • Raebeliecthli in autumn,
  • 1st of August lantern parade,
  • Games and orienteering (Fuchs jagd),
  • Afternoons at the beach (and even grilling cervelats!),
  • And meeting Samichlaus and Schmutzli in December.
SwissKids meet every first Saturday of the month. The typical meeting time is from 14:00 to 16:00, though times may vary according to the event. We either meet in the club room on the 2nd floor or somewhere outdoors.
The group is designed for members of the Swiss Club, but non-members can participate as well. If you would like to come along or to join the mail distribution list to be informed of our events, please contact:
Mat Lorencak: mat@swissclubvic.com.au