Dessert Menu


  • Apfel Strudel apple strudel with cream and ice cream 14.5
  • Coupe Swiss A mini eiger of meringue, Mövenpick vanilla ice-cream, fresh cream, fresh strawberries, almond flakes and topped off with hot 100% chocolate sauce…..mmmm yum! 14.5
  • Fresh fruit salad with Mövenpick vanilla ice-cream and fresh cream 12.5
  • Chocolate Fondue 100% Chocolate, served with fresh seasonal fruit (minimum two people) 10.50 per person
  • Vermicelle Chestnut puree atop crushed meringue, Mövenpick vanilla ice-cream & fresh cream 14
  • Mövenpick Lemon Sorbet and Vodka 18
  • Mixed Mövenpick Sorbets Lemon, Mango and Rasberry 14
  • Fried Camembert  60g of crumbed and fried delicious cheese served with a cranberry jelly 14
  • Cheese platter with Swiss and Australian selections 14 per portion


  • Lavazza Coffee Café Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black, Espresso, Long Macchiato, Short Macchiato 3.5
  • Tea – Peppermint, Chamomile, Green tea, Lemon, Earl grey & English Breakfast 3.5
  • Hot Chocolate 4.00
  • Swiss Café Schnapps– with your choice of Schnapps 11.50
  • Swiss Specialties Our selection of Schnapps 9
    Kirsch – Cherry, Pflűmli – Plum, Williams – Pear, Őbschtler – Apple & Pear, Chrűter – Herbs
  • Our selection of digestives 9         Appenzeller, Unterberg
  • Dessert Wine A selected late harvest is available by the Glass or bottle. Please ask our staff!

10% GST included, prices may change without notice

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