Take Away Menu


  • One dozen snails – in a creamy herb & garlic sauce with rice  15
  • Scallops – in lemon butter sauce and rice (10 pieces)  15
  • Prawns Madras – in a light mango sauce and rice (6 prawns)  18
  • Bündner Teller – thinly shaved air dried beef, served with cornichons (little pickles) and cocktail onions  15
  • Rösti – with sundried tomatoes over baked with Raclette cheese and semi-dried tomatoes  15
  • Berner Rösti – Rösti topped with bacon pieces and fried egg  15
  • Fleischkäse – Rösti with Swiss Meat loaf & fried egg  E 15  M 18


Mains that do not specify a side, come with your choice of one of the following:
Mashed potato, Rösti (grated potato), Spätzli (Swiss style noodles), Seasonal Vegetables, Garden Salad, Chips

  • Sausages – Bratwurst (veal), Debriciner (pork & beef), Cervelat (veal & pork) or Kranski (pork) with rösti and oninon sauce  E 15 (one sausage)  M 18 (Two sausages or mixed sausages)
  • Geschnetzeltes – Pieces of tender veal in a creamy mushroom sauce  25
  • Lamb Cutlets – four pieces of crumbed tender lamb  25
  • Beef goulash – with spätzli  25
  • Porterhouse Steak – with mustard, Cafe de Paris, pepper or mushroom sauce  25
  • Chicken Schnitzel – crumbed chicken breast over baked with Swiss cheese  25
  • Traditional Wiener Schnitzel – crumbed veal Schnitzel  25
  • Vegetarian Risotto – sun-dried tomato, mushroom and spinach risotto with a touch of  white wine and cream  18

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