Swiss Diners Club

Meets once a month for a social gathering. The meeting gives you the opportunity to meet other Swiss who are currently living in Australia, have migrated permanently or were born in Australia to Swiss parents.

The get-together is very informal and a good place to network, make friends and enjoy a meal if you wish. There are no further formal activities but from time to time someone will organise an event and invite others to come along. Generally, we number somewhere between 10 to 20 people. Anyone with an association to Switzerland is welcome to come along.

Meeting dates vary to allow those with regular commitments on particular weekdays to join us as often as possible. Every second month we meet at the Swiss Club and in alternate months we have a get-together at a Melbourne restaurant. Suggestions are welcome.

Please subscribe to our Swiss Diners Club YahooGroup to ensure you receive the latest information and event reminders.

Contact: Damian Schaller

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