Swiss National Costumes on display on 1 August 15

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we are able to display a selection of exquisite Swiss National Costumes including hats and accessories as well as some fine examples of "Chuttelis" for men with beautiful embroideries.   Switzerland with its rich history has a distinctive visual style, especially so in its traditional costumes that charm … Continue reading Swiss National Costumes on display on 1 August 15

Yes, Swiss National Day is on 1 August – no other day!

Swiss National Day (German: Schweizer Bundesfeier; French: Fête nationale Suisse; Italian: Festa nazionale svizzera; Romansh: Fiasta naziunala Svizra) is the national holiday of Switzerland and is set on 1 August. 1 August is an official national holiday since 1994, although the day had been suggested for the celebration of the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy as early as 1889. … Continue reading Yes, Swiss National Day is on 1 August – no other day!

Folk Dance Group Alpenrose news

The batteries are charged and practice has started. Now that the Swiss Festival has come and gone, we look forward travel to Sydney over Easter where we will participate at the Volkstanzfest 2013. It is organised and sponsored by ‘Die Brücke’ – National Council of Germanspeaking Clubs and Organisations in Australia and New Zealand and the Concordia German Club in Sydney. … Continue reading Folk Dance Group Alpenrose news

Swiss choir sings in Italian, French, German and Rumantsch

The Swiss Companion Singers are a subgroup of the Swiss Club of Victoria

Swiss Festival Melbourne

Swiss Companion SingersThe Swiss Companion Singers, who are based in Melbourne, have performed at every Swiss Festival since its conception over 10 years ago and 2013 will be no exception!
Singing in all four Swiss national languages you can see and hear their performance on the big red stage on Queensbridge Square on Sunday 17th February at the Swiss Festival 2013.

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Swiss Companion Singers: News

Our first performance this year was at the SWISS FESTIVAL at the Austrian Club. It went very well and we all had a great time. The next adventure will be in Hepburn Springs at the SWISS AND ITALIAN FESTA. We are always looking forward to perform at this events together with the other Swiss groups. The practise sessions are in … Continue reading Swiss Companion Singers: News