Swiss National Costumes on display on 1 August 15

Thanks to the generosity of our members, we are able to display a selection of exquisite Swiss National Costumes including hats and accessories as well as some fine examples of "Chuttelis" for men with beautiful embroideries.   Switzerland with its rich history has a distinctive visual style, especially so in its traditional costumes that charm … Continue reading Swiss National Costumes on display on 1 August 15

A brief history of cheese fondue

Who knew that the first known recipe for fondue is listed in a Zurich cookbook published in 1699?

despite the snow

When the first flurries of winter creep over the land, thoughts turn to comforting foods like fondue. When people think of fondue they think of pots of melted steaming cheese, and bread. Inspired by the alps, and visions of “The Sound of Music“, fondue parties became popular in the 1970s, and diversified to the likes of fondue bourguignonne where meat is cooked in oil, fondue chinoise (basically a hot pot using broth), and the ubiquitous chocolate fondue. At one point it may have gotten out of control somewhat, as humorist writer Eugene Epstein, remarks upon in his 1968 book “Once upon an Alp“. Tongue in cheek he mentions fondue irlandaise, which is new potatoes cooked in boiling water, and fondue suédoise – meatballs cooked in whale oil.


When did cheese fondue originate? Legend has it fondue originated high alps of Switzerland, a meal derived from the leftover remnants of…

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Dance Group Alpenrose going to Adelaide

We are so proud of our Dance Group Alpenrose. They might be our oldest interest group, but the group continues to be very active and contributing to the club. Since 1949 the group has been part and supportive of the Swiss Club, giving joy to so many generations with their folk-dancing and their beautiful Trachtent! Under the leadership … Continue reading Dance Group Alpenrose going to Adelaide

Swiss Movie at the Jewish Int’l Film Festival

The Jewish International Film Festival takes place 12-25 March 15 at the Elsternwick Classic Cinema, 9 Gordon Street Elsternwick ((03) 9524 7900). Among the 34 Films on offer, there is also a Swiss Film; One Step to Freedom or Akte Grüninger from 2013. This  film was  directed by Alain Gsponder, with Stefan Kurt, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Anatole Taubman, Patrick Rapold and … Continue reading Swiss Movie at the Jewish Int’l Film Festival

What do Buckingham Palace and the Swiss Club have in common?

Book your seat for the 1st Ladies Luncheon of 2015 and you will find out! Wednesday, 4 March at noon The Second Floor. Bring along a friend, and enjoy a relaxing luncheon at the Swiss Club. Our first guest speaker of the year will be the lively Bev Moss, enthralling us with stories and anecdotes … Continue reading What do Buckingham Palace and the Swiss Club have in common?