Swiss Abroad prefer not to stay put

Over 700,000 Swiss live outside the country, most of them in Europe, but increasingly their move abroad is only temporary as part of their professional careers. But even if they are only staying away for a short time, they are still interested in exercising their political rights, making the introduction of e-voting a necessity for the Swiss Abroad. The Swiss … Continue reading Swiss Abroad prefer not to stay put

SwissCommunity is a free, high-quality platform serving the Swiss who are, have been or will be residents abroad, as well as those who are interested in Switzerland worldwide. Aims is a networking site enabling Swiss people living all over the world to establish links with each other. The site also allows them to participate … Continue reading

Damian’s Websurf on our homepage features an article about the Swiss TV show “Alpenfestung – Leben im Reduit” which was filmed at the Fortress of Fürigen.


Last weekend, we went to Lucerne and visited the fortress of Fürigen.  We had been looking forward to visiting some of Switzerland’s formerly hidden fortresses that have been turned into museums.  Since we were near Lucerne, we finally got the chance.

Festung Fürigen Museum zur Wehrgeschichte (aka Fort Fürigen) is  part of Swiss National Redoubt  defense plan (Schweizer Alpenfestung or Réduit Suisse) to respond to foreign invasion.  Developed in by neutral Switzerland the 1880’s, Germany’s invasion of its neighbors necessitated updates (Germany even developed an invasion plan for Switzerland).   Fort Fürigen was part of a series of fortifications around Lake Lucerne that were rushed to completion in 1941-2 to protect nearby roads and rail lines.

The entrance is intentionally well-camouflaged.  We had to double back and ask for directions to find it.  The nondescript entrance leads to a  200-meter (656 feet) tunnel system leads into the…

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